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The people who write the best persuasive essays are those who choose a topic which includes a clear-cut argument. The more clear-cut the argument is in your persuasive essay the better your chances of writing a winning piece of prose. Look for an argument which has two distinct points of view. Choose one of them and away you go.

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If you know anyone who tends to write academic papers well, ask to see their best persuasive essays. A good friend will most likely say yes unless you have a history of passing off other people’s work as your own. If your main problem is lack of experience, look around for persuasive topics that appeal to you and try writing them just for your own edification. Observe the following topics:

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The most popular way to find a brilliant example of a persuasive essay is to search the Internet. There are many websites that have full-text examples. These sites may also offer example topics and thesis statements. Students can visit these sites to find an example of the best persuasive essays. Although using the essay as an example is always a good idea, they should be careful not to inadvertently copy some of the text. If any of the example is unintentionally copied, the student could end up in trouble.

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The best persuasive essays are the ones that are fresh and give readers something new to think about. A student should avoid overdone or cliche topics because these can be dull for the reader. Instead, they should seek out a subject with an edge to it--the more controversial, the better. Opinions are fine, but facts should back them up. Do not be afraid to write about a topic that seems so complicated and daunting that a student could not possibly cover it within a page limit. Remember that a good topic is debatable and often impossible to solve. As long as more evidence is added to support a side to an argument, then the student has done their job.