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Best Thesis Award April 2012
Yana Gottwald (Aviation Management, B.A.)

Theme of the thesis:
Assessment of Economic Benefits from Vertical Flight Path Optimiziationduring Mission

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christoph Brützel

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Sean Whipple received the Best Thesis Award for the LGO Class of 2014 for his thesis entitled

Exercise 4: Choose the Best Research Thesis

Issues of nowadays if I consider it generally is the issue of terrorism mainly those targeted on the 25th Dec attack towards the United States, then there is the matter of eating habits which was discussed by the First Lady and the fresh issue of right now is the Chile Earthquakes and methods of combating such tragedies. So which one do you think will make the best thesis topic?
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A PhD thesis example is more than just helpful. It can be a potential life saver to the doctoral candidate who wants to produce the best possible thesis. Because this time of you academic life is so stressful anyway, and because by now you have worked so hard to get where you are, it is abundantly important to do the best that you possibly can.

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First, students' best theses begin with innovative ideas. Ideally, the writer propounds an idea that viably, faithfully views a subject in a new way. For example, the best thesis in literature studies may interpret a well-known work in a way that no one has heretofore considered, and the best thesis project in a science field may develop and conduct an experiment that supports an original hypothesis.Third, best theses always involve strong argumentation. One basic element in strong argumentation is simply to write with accurate grammar, spelling, and punctuation; although the adept use of these elements will not rescue a mediocre thesis, one can hardly produce a good thesis without them. Beyond writing mechanics, however, students should be careful to transition well from idea to idea and to include all information in such a way that it supports the point. Students should not leave any hypotheses or information standing alone; rather, they should couple each idea with supporting evidence. Additionally, the thesis writer should offer a refutation for each research source that significantly threatens the thesis's hypothesis; doing so will prove his or her authority over the subject matter and will remove the readers' lurking doubts about that hypothesis.Second, best theses involve exhaustive, creative research. Students should make every effort to find and read all research sources that possibly relate to the subject, but moreover, they should also diligently pursue information creatively. For example, students who are writing literature theses may call or e-mail prominent literary critics to ask their opinion on the work of literature under discussion, or students who are writing meteorology theses may chase storms and photograph phenomena for themselves.The selection of the best senior thesis is based on the originality, impact, and written quality of the work. Work that has been submitted to and/or accepted at workshops, conferences, or journals will be considered more favorably. Work that is primarily attributed to the student's own initiative will be considered more favorably. Finally, the quality of the written document in terms of its organization, polish, and use of language will be considered.
4 June 2014 - The fourth Best PhD Thesis Award competition is now closed.

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Winner, 2009 Best Senior Thesis Award:
Real-Time Classification of Everyday Fitness Activities on Windows Mobile
Alireza Bagheri Garakani, supervised by James Fogarty

The winner of the 2015 International Best Thesis Award - Marketing Trends is:

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I am sorry you think it’s silly. The fact is it should be taken seriously. “Mythicism” can refer to a sociological grouping, or to a set of intellectual positions. I am assuming we’re here mostly to talk about the latter than the former. And as a set of intellectual positions, it is always considered best, if one is arguing against that set, to argue against the best the set has to offer.

Best Thesis – Research Mentor

Diploma awarded for best Masters Thesis at BioCentrum-DTU 2002

David Linders (horizontal) and the other 2013 LGO Best Thesis nominees. Left to right: Sam Cosby, David Guasch-Rodriguez, Seth White, Rachel Avril Kelley, Brian Petersen, Ashleigh Range, Erick Corona, Jessica Lin, Michael Joyce, Jeff Stein, Wilson Yum, David Walker and Femi Oti.