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RUSH: How many of you have read the book
by Ayn Rand? I read the book and , a number of them. Atlas Shrugged for those of you who haven't read it, I'll give you the basic book report summary. It is basically about the achievers of life quitting, because they're tired of being 1% of the population pulling the other 99% in the cart. They're tired of everything they earned being taxed; they're tired of everything they earn being taken from them and given to everybody else, and they quit, and when they quit, nobody has anything. They just throw up their hands in frustration and say, "Screw it."
I want to read you just a short little passage from this. Somebody actually sent me this on a birthday card today, a cute little homemade birthday card. "Do you know the hallmark of the second-rater?" The hallmark of the second-rater is "resentment of another man's achievement. Those touchy mediocrities who sit trembling lest someone's work prove greater than their own; they have no inkling of the loneliness that comes when you reach the top. The loneliness for an equal, for a mind to respect and an achievement to admire," someone to look up to. You don't have that when you're at the top. "They bare their teeth at you from out of their rat holes, thinking that you take pleasure in letting your brilliance dim them - while you'd give a year of your life to see a flicker of talent anywhere among them. They envy achievement, and their dream of greatness is a world where all men have become their acknowledged inferiors.
"They don't know that that dream is the infallible proof of mediocrity, because that sort of world is what the man of achievement would not be able to bear. They have no way of knowing what he feels when he's around them. Hatred? no, not hatred, but boredom: the terrible, hopeless, draining, paralyzing boredom. Of what account are praise and adulation from men you don't respect? Have you ever felt the longing for someone you could admire? For something, not to look down at, but up to?"
Wow. The whole book is like this, by the way. It's one of these things that if you haven't read it, get it. It's a long book, but you're not going to be able to put it down.

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For a good grade, a book report summary needs to be well-written. Assignments for book report summaries are common so learning the right way to complete one will make education more enjoyable. The summary for book report work is different from the actual book report, which we will explain. The process for writing book report summaries is not difficult but if you find writing difficult, you could hire a professional academic writer.

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You may prefer to do the research and writing for the book report summary on your own. For starters, prepare for the book report summary. Start by researching different books of interest unless the teacher provided the name of the book to use for the book report summary. This could involve writing about something relatively new such as a Twilight book report summary or a historical piece. Then, read the book or if preferred, listen to an audio version.

My Book Report Summary on Pollyanna
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REMINDER: Students should be reading fiction chapter books of their choice at their own pace and completing their book report summary logs provided in class. The goal is to have 15 reading logs completed before May!

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary - Ramona's Book Report summary and analysis.

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For the next part of the book report summary, review the book, writing down the most important times or scenarios, followed by generalizing them. As you develop the layout for the book report summary, each of the moments or scenarios would be linked chronologically. The book report summary would conclude with some type of resolution that would cover the ending of the book. Now, if the book has an epilogue, that too should be included in the book report summary.

Please use the "Short Story Elements" packet to help you with your book report summary

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You then want to capture the basic storyline for the book report summary to include names of primary characters, brief plot description, and book setting. When done, start writing the book report summary, writing briefly on the lead characters so the plot detailed in the report would make sense. Introducing the plot would be the next step for the book report summary. The goal would be to describe at the beginning of the book report summary the story’s conflict and the way in which it affected the main characters.