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Here is my personal selection of books, essays, and articles on servant leadership, with my summaries and comments. The first section is on books and essays, divided into three categories—(A) Robert Greenleaf on Servant Leadership, (B) General Introduction to Servant Leadership, and (C) Implementing Servant Leadership in the Workplace. The second section is on scholarly research articles, and it features highlights provided by Dr. Bob Liden, professor of Management at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Many books and essays are written to support right wing ideology because there is money to be made in deifying the wealthy. One such example is Atlas shrugged painting a picture of a wealthy Oligarch taking care of humanity as if they are helpless. I tend to believe people are much tougher and better than that, having survived for thousands of years without the aid of Oligarchs, Kings and Dictators.

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