Sites like and offer long lists of car-buying terms to help familiarize consumers with this process. Thanks to a poll conducted of five different car salespeople, three experienced car buyers and three car dealers, we've compiled the top five terms.

WellGrain Limited Buying Terms for 2015-16

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Buying Inventory - Wholesale Suppliers - Buying Terms

Have you ever went into a car dealership and felt like the sales team was speaking another language? If so, you need a quick lesson in car-buying terms. These terms and concepts aren’t hard to learn and will serve you well next time you go to purchase a new or used vehicle. Let’s get started!

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – Home Buying Terms

It is important to review the buying terms when buying a vehicle at auction. It is advisable for you to familiarise yourself with the environment and the fast pace at which sales progress at auction. At Merlin, we auction a vehicle every 40 seconds!

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