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Sociology 420 and Sociology 544 both rely on observational case study methods of instruction rather than lectures. Students are asked to learn directly from experience by finding a small group of people (15 or less) to observe on a weekly basis. Students write detailed group process notes that are presented to the entire class for discussion on a regular basis. The notes are the basis for writing mid-term and final-term case study papers that identify the pattern and dynamics in group behavior. A textbook, , authored by the instructor, contains the theoretical foundation of the course and provides illustrations in literature, film and historical events.

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The Journal publishes CFD case study papers, i.e. investigations, simulations and validation exercises in accordance with CFD best practice guidelines. Original papers, book reviews and letters to the Editor are acceptable.

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Overall, researchers’ believe that there is no generalconsensus about what kinds of information should be included in case studyresearch. As management accounting case study research progresses, no agreementexists for addressing how case study papers should be written in order toaddress the basic question, "what have we learned about managementaccounting from this case study?" Suggestions for ways to increasemethodological rigor in case studies along with efforts to categorize findingshave been made, however to no avail. Thus, researchers feel that more attentionneeds to be paid to improving the production and writing of case studyresearch. Consequently, the purpose of this paper as stated by the author, isto present a framework that: 1) captures the diversity of research scope coveredin management accounting case studies, and 2) provides a straightforwardframework for "taking stock" of those aspects of theoreticalcontribution that researchers have or have not addressed in their research.