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Ashleigh is in her fifth year as a PhD candidate in the Religious Studies department. She recently defended her dissertation proposal and is now working on the first chapters of a dissertation that addresses the relationships between historical and literary criticism of the Bible in light of the literary ‘problems’ or hermeneutic frictions illuminated by Higher Critical scholarship toward the end of the nineteenth century. Ashleigh also continues to serve as the graduate assistant to the Page Barbour and James W. Richard Lecture Committee at the University.

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Following the preliminary discussion, candidates should remain in regular contact (at least once every two months) with the members of their Committees. Each candidate should prepare a detailed dissertation outline at an early stage, and submit to her or his Committee members draft chapters as they are written. Committee members usually find it easier to review and comment on individual draft chapters of a dissertation, rather than receiving very large portions of the dissertation all at once. This will also help to ensure that the candidate does not go astray in her or his work. In some instances, candidates who have not submitted drafts chapters as works in progress have instead submitted what they considered to be completed dissertations. This has sometimes resulted in rejection or a very substantial reworking of the product.

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The new doctoral program also rethinks the traditional dissertation by requiring doctoral students to complete a “Dissertation in Practice,” which is a major research project focused on solving a real-world problem in Mississippi education. The dissertation will be integrated into the curriculum of the Ed.D. Students will have completed prospectuses (typically the first three chapters of a dissertation) by the end of the second year of study.

The first three chapters of a dissertation are known as the dissertation proposal
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Writing Chapter 1: The Introduction

Dissertation is a form of extensive writing done by students especially in their final years of the course work. Mainly, a dissertation is done on a topic chosen by students themselves. A student writing a dissertation is required to come up with a topic of choice, do an extensive research on the same and write extensively on the research and findings.
A dissertation paper has several chapters put together. These dissertation chapters are put down in a chronological writing. All the chapters should hence flow in to each other. All the chapters of a dissertation paper are very vital, and none of these should be omitted. In a dissertation paper, the standardized structure involves several chapters. The format has an abstract, which is a research summary. Our writers ensure to come up with a short and well established summary of the paper. After the abstract, our writers ensure to put down an introduction that catches the attention of the readers and keep them interested to read the entire research. Our writers then review the literature, and put with citation and quotations all the works borrowed. This ensures that we provide you with non-plagiarized work. While writing the methodology chapter, thoroughly outline any research method we shall use in your paper. The analysis will form the body of the dissertation paper, where we write in details all the findings we came across. In the conclusion, our writers will summarize the dissertation in a short precise paragraph, followed by our proposal. We then proof read, edit and format the paper as per instructions provided by the students.
While writing all the dissertation chapters, our professional writers ensure non-plagiarized work with each of these chapters. We ensure to also follow the standardized structure of a dissertation paper. Our writers will put together the dissertation chapters with well researched content and supportive findings.

All the chapters of a dissertation paper are very vital, and none of these should be omitted

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This is the final chapter of a dissertation, which may contain recommendations either for the purpose of future researches or for organizations, government bodies or corporations to implement and boost their performances or meet their objectives. Precisely, the conclusion is a summary of the entire study; hence, nothing new should be introduced under this section. In this chapter, the student should show how the findings of the study support his or her argument. Was the research question(s) answered? What queries are still unanswered and require further exploration? An emphasis should be put on the main objectives of the research. What is the importance of the implications of the findings of this study in the general field of research? Sometimes no reliable conclusions are reached at after a study. This is normal; thus, the researcher should not write unnecessary information to fill the conclusion paragraph.

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The chapters of a dissertation need to move forward in a linear fashion. Each chapter needs to be concise and free of superfluous wording. Every page must be grammatically correct and error free. If it seems like a lot of work lies ahead, it is because you do, indeed, have a monumental task set before you. Thankfully, in this day and age, there is no need whatsoever to have to go it alone.