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Contact Hawk Ventures by to discuss customized writing or editing services that match your specific needs. Below is a partial bibliography of publications for review and writing sample acquisition.

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Customized Write makes sure your content has to more to it than just professional and grammatically correct English. Our approach to content is to strategically optimize it around customer-centric keywords. This is essential for ensuring search engine friendliness. Not only is all the content proofread, it is also researched and sent for client approval before it is published. Although all our content is search friendly, the primary focus is on the reader and the connections they may to your website. In other words, all our content is custom to the needs, target audience and business dynamics of our clients.

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At Customized Write, our content writers are SEO and marketing savvy. Our writers understand exactly how to write reader-friendly content that is also search engine friendly. We do not throw words on paper — or web page if you will. We make sure that the content you receive is aligned with your specific business in mind while, making sure that we keep the look, feel and flow of your site united.

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Note: the Handwriting Template tool, which provides dozens of pre-made, customizable handwriting templates, is only available on the abcteach Member Site. No free sample is available. She analyzed dozens of documents and emails so that she could see the patterns of writing errors and the situations to which the executive was responding. She met with all the main players and coached them about the process of editing and being edited. She was then hired to edit key documents before they were sent to the senior executive. She led several customized writing trainings for the staff members who were writing key documents.Why do we promote our phone number and our contact information like no other service? We want you to feel comfortable knowing that there is always a highly competent person and friendly voice behind our website. Our customized writing services are available 24-hours a day and you can order on our site or over the phone. Although our website is completely automated, one of our representatives will call you back to assure we have all your details.Promotional writing tools are easily one of the most popular promotional items around. Whether you prefer ballpoint pens, executive pens, fountain pens, or even highlighters, Blue Sky is the leader when it comes to customized writing tools. Our promotional pens are the go-to corporate giveaways that promote your business best.
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Our customers love this durable writing pen for many reasons. First- the style of this pen is unique and features a leather-wrapped body that adds an element of sophistication that can be hard to find in a customized writing pen. Next, the brushed silver metal features help this customized promotional pen to look stylish and elegant no matter what you custom print onto it. The removable cap helps to keep the ink fresh and adds sophistication you’ll love for years to come.

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Students are engaged in the writing process from topicselection to publication when provided with customizedwriting materials appropriate to their interest anddevelopmental level.

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We serve you for your customized writing needs, 100% original writing, according to provided guidelines. Our writers are well equipped with the knowledge of all subject matters, guaranteeing superior quality.