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Now, it is clear that the decline of a language must ultimately havepolitical and economic causes: it is not due simply to the bad influence ofthis or that individual writer. But an effect can become a cause, reinforcingthe original cause and producing the same effect in an intensified form, and soon indefinitely. A man may take to drink because he feels himself to be afailure, and then fail all the more completely because he drinks. It is ratherthe same thing that is happening to the English language. It becomes ugly andinaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of ourlanguage makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts. The point is that theprocess is reversible. Modern English, especially written English, is full ofbad habits which spread by imitation and which can be avoided if one is willingto take the necessary trouble. If one gets rid of these habits one can thinkmore clearly, and to think clearly is a necessary first step toward politicalregeneration: so that the fight against bad English is not frivolous and is notthe exclusive concern of professional writers. I will come back to thispresently, and I hope that by that time the meaning of what I have said herewill have become clearer. Meanwhile, here are five specimens of the Englishlanguage as it is now habitually written.

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Essays on Writing explores social and cultural facets of writing as well as practices of writing in a brief inexpensive reader.
Essays on Writing explores social and cultural facets of writing as well as practices of writing in a brief inexpensive reader.

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Essays on writing basics, from building fantastic worlds to tips on daily practice and the importance of persistence, make up the first part of the collection. In the second, Hurley tackles issues of representation in fiction, and advises writers on how to avoid the pitfalls of stereotypical constructions of race, gender, and sexuality. The third section, on writing and publishing life, gives tips on marketing and publicity tactics for authors, and how being a published author differs from being a writer. In the fourth, Hurley takes on media and celebrity, and how the dynamics of power change as authors gain greater readership and influence. The final section contains the Hugo-nominated essay, “We Have Always Fought.”

Essays on Writing explores social and cultural facets of writing as well as practices of writing in a brief inexpensive reader.

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