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For all applications, the schools are attempting to get to know you through your essays. For general personal statements, like those law schools and colleges typically request, focus on past activities and achievements that reflect your values. The admissions readers also seek to uncover how you will contribute to their class, their program, and the diversity of their schools. By telling your story -- not what you think they want to hear and not what you share with 50% of other applicants -- you will reveal how you can uniquely add to their class.

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Writing a personal statement gives an individual the opportunity to sell himself to the concerned parties. A personal statement may be general, whereby the writer has the freedom to express himself freely, or a response to certain questions. General personal statements are frequent in the preparation of medical or law-school application forms. On the other hand, explicit personal statements are regular in business and graduate school applications, which contain specific questions directed at the applicant. A personal statement should have comprehensive information about the applicant including the unique aspects of his life such as the events and people who have influenced the applicant’s career goals. A personal statement should feature the applicant’s interest in a field, explain how the applicant learnt about the field, for example, through classes, seminars and work experience, and highlight the attainment of skills such as leadership and management, which have contributed to the applicant’s personal and career growth. Other crucial details to include in writing a personal statement include the obstacles, economic, familial or physical, which the applicant has had to overcome in his life. In addition, a personal statement should include the personal characteristics of the applicant, such as integrity and persistence, which will increase his prospects of succeeding in the field of interest, and an explanation of why the applicant is stronger candidate for graduate school compared to other applicants. The best approach in writing a personal statement is to tell a story with concrete evidence on the specific reasons and experiences that distinguish an individual from the rest of the applicants. Telling the admission committee your knowledge about the field and using professional language to convey the information significantly helps one to avoid often-repeated and boring statements. A personal statement must contain clear and concise expression and proper use of language because meticulous writing influences the way admission officers perceive the applicant.

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We want students to answer the questions we ask on our application, not to submit general personal statements or essays obviously written for multiple law schools. Applicants should consider the essay an opportunity to "interview" with the admissions committee. The essay should underscore the qualities that an applicant believes will make him/her a good fit with UNC School of Law. Because strong writing skills are crucial to success in law school, it is important that essays reflect a student's attention to detail. Essays should be free of grammatical and typographical errors.

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Concentrate on your intellectual and cultural interests: don't spend more than the last 20 per cent of the statement on those extra-academic activities and skills which make you a 'rounded' person. Mature applicants should note this difference from the more general personal statements expected for access and preparatory courses; and sixth-formers, too, may need to bear the point in mind.

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How is your general surgery personal statement writing coming along? Are you struggling to come up with some ideas or maybe a central theme to bind everything together; or maybe you have too many ideas and you are just not sure which ones are the ones that you should use and which to exclude? Whatever you problems maybe we are here to provide you with the help and support that you need. Whether you are struggling with the writing or you just don’t have the time to do it we can get you that perfect personal statement. General surgery residency statements have to be written to perfection if you want to stand any chance of getting selected over the competition and this is where our skills come in to play just for you.

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After brainstorming, you should have a lengthy list of potential topics to cover. Some essays that answer specific questions will require only one topic, but for most general personal statements, you will want to discuss two to four subjects. Occasionally, you can discuss a single experience at length if you're confident that the material touches on the entire range of themes you need to convey. If you try to tackle more than four subjects, you are probably treating each one in insufficient depth.