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First, you will copy the worksheet I have provided in this lesson plan. Then, you will discuss the definition of a how-to paper.

In a how-to paper, you are telling readers how to do something such as cook a particular recipe. You can do this by giving students an example. After that, you pass out the worksheet I have provided.

Worksheet - Writing How-To Paper

Directions: Write a how-to paper on one of the topics below.

1. How to cook a meal.

2. How to swim.

3. How to play tennis.

4. How to fish.

5. How to draw an object.

6. How to edit a paper.

7. How to give a persuasive speech.

8. How to organize your study area.

9. How to shoot a basket.

10. How to study to pass a test.

11. How to write a book review.

12. How to write a movie review.

13. How to plan a birthday party.

14. How to plan a surprise party.

15. How to organize a file cabinet.

Printable Lesson Plan On How to Edit a Paper

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This site provides a clear pamphlet style approach to editing an essay. It organizes the process into a ten step, multi layered approach to editing. I would consider this a useful method for anyone who is unsure of how to edit a paper. The layered approach is actually a series of questions which the user can answer as they review their work. This resource would be useful to anyone from middle school through college.

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Now that what plagiarism is, is clear what is important is how plagiarism can be stopped. The most important question which needs to be addressed is that who are the people who indulge in acts of plagiarism? A study by The Centre for Academic Integrity found that almost 80% of college students admit to cheating at least once and as per a survey by the Psychological Record 36% of undergraduates have admitted to plagiarizing written material. Therefore looking at the statistics we can say that plagiarism is rampant among college students. However it must be remembered that sometimes plagiarism is intentional and sometimes it is not. Therefore a student, to avoid plagiarizing accidentally must keep accurate notes when doing research; he or she must also educate himself or herself on university plagiarism policies. Apart fro this, the student must master the procedure for citing the sources and learn to paraphrase without borrowing the language or structure in the original source. To avoid the temptation to plagiarize intentionally a student should visit a specialist who can teach him or her how to edit a paper or plan an essay. The student must also visit his or her instructor during office hours and ask questions in class to clarify course requirements or instructions for assignments and he or she must also consult web based resources. A student must also consider the consequences of plagiarism before he or she tries to pass off someone else’s work as his or her own, he or she must realize that missing a deadline or receiving a low score will not tarnish his or her academic record in the same way as sanctions from a educational regulatory body will (these guidelines are for UC Davis students but seem to be effective guidelines for students all over the world). However even so students might still be tempted to indulge in plagiarism, in such cases I guess disciplinary measures and penalties (the harshness of which should depend from case to case) would be the only means to prevent this.

Here we will offer some tips on how to edit a paper or an essay
How to edit a paper is very simple and can be done how anyone wants to do it

minutes going over the process of how to edit a paper

One former News of the World staffer said: “Rebekah lived to please Rupert. She was ultra-competitive and hated to get beaten by the other papers. She was extremely demanding and woe betide anyone who crossed her. But the truth is she was massively over promoted and didn’t really have a clue how to edit a paper.

I found this ample informative, how to edit a paper on what i wont to be specifically finding out

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I would consider this a useful method for anyone who is unsure of how to edit a paper

How to Edit or Proofread an Essay or Paper: 8 Steps