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Everyone's an Author includes samples and instruction on how to write online reviews, project proposals, articles on health policy and even Wikipedia articles. Lunsford wants to teach students about writing that makes things happen and is "growing and living."

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Want to learn how to write an online check? Here, see tips for sending one as easily as possible.

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[…] We all have to start somewhere. Whether you’re just starting out and are clueless about how to write online, or you want to spice up your portfolio with some shiny new clips, writing for free can certainly help you build a writing portfolio. […]

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Knowing how to write an online profile helps Internet users boost their online visibility. An online profile functions as a virtual introduction to a person's hobbies and business practices. Social and business networking sites give users the opportunity to connect with others who share their interests. For example, dating websites help users find romance by displaying personality-based profiles, whereas websites for business professionals feature a person's career abilities rather than specific information about their personality. All of these sites allow users to develop profiles that spread the word about who he or she is. As a result, learning how to write an original online profile is an invaluable skill for social and business networkers, alike.

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Once you have learned how to write online, creating your own website or sites is one of the best ways of writing for profit. There are many ways to create websites, and one of the most popular is using Wordpress templates on your own domain. You can do this completely on your own, or you can create website/blogs on a Wordpress Multi-User (WPMU) website.

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In addition, Pamela gives great tips on how to write online proposals, the reasons why grant proposals get rejected, and how to follow up with foundations after you submit your grant proposal.

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