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When ordering a custom assignment writing the student will get assistance in choosing a topic that is most appropriate for the assignment in question: This is excellent if the student is unsure about what direction to take as far as the assignment’s focus. The online writing assignments written by a pro writer are all flawless in format, structure, content, and design. The paper is written in a linear, logical fashion. It is free of errors, typos, and grammatical concerns. The assignment-writing project is created to have powerful, persuasive arguments and evidence to support one’s point of view.

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Establishing an asynchronous learning environment that fosters critical thinking can be difficult due to the constraints of the format. The value of back-and-forth exchange of ideas and points can be muted by the lag time between posts. Students also tend to view forum posting as an individual writing activity, not the debate or discussion that faculty designed such environments to foster. This presentation will examine an attempt during the spring 2015 semester to employ a scaffold approach that supports moving students from individual blogging to debate in an online course. The course content involves the study of the impact of digital technology on modern society, with students engaged in writing activities for several topics followed by an online debate as the culminating academic assignment. The online writing assignments are designed to model and develop critical thinking by creating online versions of such exercises as peer critiques, circle of voices, chalk talk, and post-it appreciation (Brookefield, 2012). The final activity will adapt a cyclical debate model to an asynchronous online format, and be completed in groups of seven students. In this debate two group members will take opposite sides of an issue relevant to the course content, with another group member in the role of moderator and the rest acting as a jury and determining the side with the best case for their position. This presentation would be of interest to faculty and instructional designers who struggle with ways to facilitate critical thinking in online and blended courses. References: Brookfield, S.D. (2012). Teaching for Critical Thinking: Tools and Techniques to Help Students Question their Assumptions. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

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I absolutely love this. We are finally getting to the point that paper makes less sense. Writing on a physical piece of paper has up until now been the fastest way to give feedback to a student on a writing assignment. The difficulty with grading online writing has always been that it was more time consuming to get proper feedback to them. I believe that technology should always save us time or make us more efficient; otherwise it shouldn't be used. Up to this point, I would have avoided online grading of writing assignments and online writing assignments altogether. Now with Crocodoc I think we are at the point that the technology might actually save us time. I plan to use this in my courses. I'm wondering if this can be used with an iPad so that we can actually write our feedback on the papers with a stylus. This would save scads of time and pretty much eliminate the need for paper altogether.