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The above guidelines should serve as the backbone of any good science lab report. While the teacher may already have certain portions of the method established (i.e. method of the experiment), referencing these guidelines will help to keep your child's report focused.

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Science lab reports are a specialized goal-action-outcome text structure:

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Bio-Science lab reports.

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In keeping with the themes of scientific thinking and artistic expression, students use the school's rich technology resources to locate, organize and display evidence of their learning in a variety of traditional and digital media. As part of the magnet's focus on science, all students are required to complete a quality science fair project. Under the direction of the science teachers, the students are guided through a rigorous process of preparation that culminates with the completion of their projects. In addition to the completion of these projects, all students required to write at least five science lab reports. The teacher will determine how much support to give each student towards the completion of his or her project depending on the student's grade and specific needs.


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