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Service writers ensure that a customer's needs are being fulfilled. Most commonly employed by companies offering automotive repair services, service writers possess product knowledge and bring efficiency to the relationship between a customer and the business. Working as a liaison for the business, an effective service writer brings competence to a customer's experience by coordinating the transaction.

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“Service writers and mobile techs will be thrilled with how fast and easy it is to perform a bumper-to-bumper vehicle diagnosis. They can provide their service centers with detailed diagnostic reports that clearly identify exactly what repairs need to be done to get their customers up and running as quickly as possible.”

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Noregon says JPRO Tablet Solutions provide service writers and mobile repair specialists with an efficient and convenient way to capture diagnostic information — right at the vehicle.

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Job duties for a service writer revolve around the needs of the customer. They develop relationships with customers through successful management of product or service delivery. Their duties can include tracking repairs and their causes, scheduling technicians and processing warranties. Customer profile information is usually stored in a computer system, which the service writer is responsible for maintaining.There are no educational requirements to become a service writer beyond a high school diploma. Product knowledge, and experience are preferred by most employers. As there are portions of the customer profile that need to be entered into a computer system, knowledge of office computer programs, such as Microsoft Office, is often a requirement.Additional duties of a service writer involve developing cost estimates. When a customer requests a repair, the service writer logs what parts are needed, how much time should be allocated to make the repair and schedules the appropriate technician for the job based on the customer and their repair needs. This information is conveyed to both the customer and the employer of the service writer in a timely fashion.1.2 In replacing the Joint Service Publication(JSP)(AS)102—Service Writing, ADFP102
incorporates ADMINMAN1—Preparation of Correspondence and Committee Papers, and takes into
account relevant administrative material including extracts from departmental and Service publications.
The Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers, 5th edn1 (hereinafter referred to as the Style Manual)
and The Macquarie Dictionary, 3rd edn2 (hereinafter referred to as the Macquarie) were also considered
when defining Defence standards.
The duty of a service writer focuses on overall customer satisfaction, profiling, and inventory

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In the automotive industry, there are technical programs that offer associate and bachelor's degrees that can enhance a potential service writer's product knowledge and expertise. The curriculum is centered on the technical aspects of automotive repair, such as braking, electrical and suspension systems. Earning a degree is not a requirement, but can be a way to gain product knowledge prior to employment.

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A service writer provides a connection between a customer and a business. Taking the customer's needs into consideration, a service writer facilitates the transaction between the customer and the company. A variety of industrial companies utilize service writers, with automotive companies being the most common employers. A high school education and experience in the industry is often sufficient to work in this field, but some service writers do hold college degrees in the field in which they are employed. They need excellent communications skills and knowledge of record keeping and computer programs.

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