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Updated: 7-2013The IJPC Student Research Papers section offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to share research about the image of the journalist in popular culture and contribute to the information base of this ever-growing field.We invite any submissions of papers by students that investigate and analyze the conflicting images of the journalist in film, television, fiction, radio, comic books, cartoons, comic strips, commercials, art, music and any other aspect of popular culture demonstrating their impact on the American public's perception of its journalists.Editors are Matthew C. Ehrlich, Professor of Journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Campaign and Joe Saltzman, Professor of Journalism at USC Annenberg.Submission GuidelinesAll papers must be typed and double-spaced. We will accept an electronic submission using Microsoft Word only.All papers must be thoroughly researched with appropriate use of attribution and endnotes and written according to the guidelines established by the Chicago Manual of Style.All papers must be accompanied by a 25-word Abstract summing up the conclusions and intentions of the paper.All papers should be thorough, complete, accurate and fair. All conclusions must be backed up by thorough research and examples. There is no length requirement. The use of the is recommended.The submission must be accompanied by a letter or e-mail from the University involved – either the School or Department chair, or the primary teacher – authenticating the student’s legitimacy.For more information please contact

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In 2001 I began publishing student research papers on the internet for several reasons:

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Long Island’s Gold Coast era, a time of unimaginable splendor, ran from around the turn of the twentieth century through the 1930s. During this time period, a veritable who’s who of America’s rich and famous built opulent homes, many of which were on the North Shore in communities such as Sands Point, Glen Cove, and Kings Point. This exhibition features student research papers about the Gold Coast estates, accompanied by images from various Long Island Studies Institute collections.

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The IJPC Student Research Papers section offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to share research about the image of the journalist in popular culture and contribute to the information base of this ever-growing field.

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RAS (Railway Applications Section), a subdivision of INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences), is sponsoring a student research paper contest on analytics and fact-based decision making in railway applications with a total cash award of US$1,750:

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Once the students are added to the site, you can decide if you want the site to be public (open to the world) or various degrees of private, which can vary from closed to everyone outside of William & Mary, to closed to all but subscribers, to closed to all but students in the class. You can even set individual passwords on individual pages to further suit your needs. However, one of the main benefits of creating a WordPress website to publicly display student research is that the site is PUBLIC, meaning a research paper is no longer a secret relationship between the faculty member and the student, but a public exhibition of the type of work the student produces. Faculty members I’ve spoken to who have been using this model of submission for student research papers have seen a marked improvement in the overall caliber of writing the students produce. Knowing that your research paper is just a Google search away from the eyes of the rest of the world has a way of concentrating the mind.

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Wikipedia is one of the most popular sites in the world, but it is not without problems. Anybody can write and edit Wikipedia entries. This means that you can't always count on the site for factual information. You also can't cite Wikipedia as a source for most student research papers. Nevertheless, Wikipedia is worth visiting because it is free and it can lead you to more valuable and reliable sources of information.