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RAS (Railway Applications Section), a subdivision of INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences), is sponsoring a student research paper contest on analytics and fact-based decision making in railway applications with a total cash award of US$1,750:

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This should go without saying, but unfortunately typos, spelling, and grammar mistakes remain some of the most common mistakes which take points off of students research paper grades. This is due to students failing to have a second editor read over their paper, and/or trusting too much in their word processing software to find mistakes. There are many types of spelling and grammar mistakes and typos which even the most sophisticated software will miss. Again, this is category which instructors often consider to indicate sloppiness or disrespect from the student and they’re inclined to grade such mistakes strictly.

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Student research papers will be approximately 15,000 words in length (excluding references and appendices), and will address the topic that follows from the research proposal development process completed during their first two terms in the program. Papers will normally be completed and evaluated by the end of the third term (spring), although students may choose to extend their program involvement into the fall term.

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