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Some of the very best college essays are about a small moment in time and not about some big event. One of my favorite essays this year told the story of a student’s summer on bed rest and how she spent her time–she taught herself how to play the piano via the internet and watched nearly every film Brad Pitt ever made, It was written with warmth and humor and gave much insight into her personality and her ability to cope with a setback.

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Some of the best college essays I’ve ever read have centered around commonplace observations and events that provided the reader with insight into the student’s unique character and perspective. One of my favorite student essays was about a student named James who volunteered to show the new student around school. Through this casual story, strongly written with lots of sensory details and action verbs, James demonstrated his sympathetic, friendly side. He presented himself as the sort of student other students love to go to school with, the type of student who makes a great roommate and addition to any campus.

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In my experience, the best college essays have several characteristics in common. First, they answer the application essay prompt within the specified length. Secondly, great essays tell a story and draw the reader into that story from the very first sentence. This initial pull is called a “hook.” As you read the essays in the following pages, notice the hooks. As you read, close your eyes after each hook. Do you remember the scene? After finishing the essay, consider what stands out to you: the story-line, the vocabulary, the active language, the poignancy, the emotion?

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