There are seven typical reasons why most people won’t write a book:

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I am a teen writer and I currently have several books that I have written over the years that I have stopped in the middle of them but somehow keep coming up with new ideas and topics… which leads to a start of a new book and, yet again, unable to finish. One thing that holds me back from finishing my books is that I cannot come up with a title for any of them. I don’t know how I want them to end, just that I go with the flow and write in them whenever I get an idea then stop again. All my books range in topics, but mainly paranormal. I’m thinking about waiting until I finish these books/series before coming up with titles but if I cant sit down and write a book start to finish without stopping, how can I ever finish what I have? I need help, please!!!

Want to write a book? So did I...

I had decided to write a book “about what!?” I thought but I didn’t know.
I had pondered for years, constantly searching for a topic.
One day I witnessed a horrible murder, the police had crept into my back yard and were lying in wait for my elderly grandfather who was tending his opium plants, creeping up through the underbrush they leaped out of a tree with their automatic shotguns blazing – and my grandpa was killed in a hail of bullets.
Suddenly a topic popped into my head, I would write a book about talking daisies.

What does it take to write a book? Here are 10 of my best tips.
Learning how to write a book can seem like a daunting task. Whether you came to this site because you have an original idea you hope to turn into a nonfiction bestseller, or you want to learn how to write a novel without getting stuck after the first two chapters, we’re here to help. We understand that a great book must be original – both in content and voice, and that you must let your passionate muse take you on a journey towards a book that is truly unique. At the same time, writing a book does not have to be like an off-road journey, with no map or signposts to help you reach your destination in a timely manner. You can benefit greatly from the wisdom of other writers, as well as writing tools and techniques that help you write a book more quickly, and improve your writing style. The trick is to know when to apply this knowledge, and when not to let “rules,” “theory,” or the fear of not being good enough drive you into that paralysis we call writer’s block.
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What makes mark especially qualified to teach it is because he was an outsider. No one taught him how to write a book, he just read a few, asked a few questions and got lucky first time. Of course we could all try that approach ourselves, but somehow I think it’s better to take the easier route. After all, as he says now: “If there had been a book available, written by someone like me telling someone like me how to write a novel, I’d have snapped it up. It would have saved me a lot of wasted effort, sweat, and all-night writing sessions that ended up with pages that were eventually thrown away.”

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And believe me, I have come to realize that there's no better way to get recognized for what you know than to write a book about it - especially a "how-to" book.

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The first big truth you must know is that the publishing business is just that: a business. Books are published in the hope that they will make more money than they cost to produce. It doesn’t matter if your book is fiction or non-fiction, it works in exactly the same way. You have to write a book that has the option of making money for the publisher. And make sure you tell them about it. Nothing has more power to lift a book out of the slush pile than a brief covering letter that says what they need to hear. Keep your letter brief and to the point but start by saying that you are aware of the commercial implications of publishing. You then have to explain exactly why you think the book you have written will make them money. Provided someone reads it and provided what you say is true, you’re more than halfway to getting published.