Cardiac Activity write up report due (10 points)

After the initial walk through the Consultant will prepare their Report after giving you an estimated cost of the required work as well as any work you may want to include and at that point they are entitled to charge the full fee as previously mentioned. If you decide to walk away before allowing the consultant to write up the report, they are allowed to keep only $100 for their time.

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Lexi was such a huge help while my boyfriend and I were fostering a pup. Her prices were great and lower than many other dog walkers. Our pitbull was a little high maintenance but Lexi was not shy and helped keep up with the training we wanted to instill and even gave great suggestions! She was very accommodating to our schedule and did what she could to make sure our pup was taken care of. We were happy to receive updates and Lexi was happy to do them but of course leaves the choice to opt out in this. She would send pictures and write up report cards (loved these) while we were away. If we decide to foster again or adopt our own furry friend, Lexi is 100% our go to!

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She would send pictures and write up report cards (loved these) while we were away

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You click into Reports > All Reports > Staff Time Write up Report

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