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Being passionate about a specific cause or need can be a good motivator for a good dissertation proposal. Since the main idea of this type of writing includes presenting a potential idea you hope to get approval to further research, it is likely the subject matter and your interests should help you choose what to write about. Secrets to writing a great proposal may include understanding personal weaknesses, strengths, and how they align with your future career goals. The following points may help in getting a better understanding of how quality dissertation proposals can be written.

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Writing great proposals is just a little bit tougher than writing mediocre proposals. Successful entrepreneurs know that the extra effort that is takes to write a great business proposal is necessary to grow a successful business. Here's how it's done.

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Writing a great proposal involves a lot of different elements – planning, graphic design, writing, and editing. Here are twelve tips to developing a better proposal.

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As people who work in high-stress environments—facing the challenge of bringing in a huge amount of business when the economy is in the doldrums, taking responsibility for writing a great proposal even though that means working long hours with little sleep—we must find a way to minimize our stress. Our situation is probably no worse than accountants dealing with complex tax filings, so we might as well try one of those five techniques and make it a habit.
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Remember that you only need two. You can have an idea (non-fiction) and not written a book. But you write a great proposal and persist looking for an agent. With a little luck you will find one! Your persistence – getting your homework done and writing a great proposal can land you a book deal. Just be a professional in your presentation in whatever you do.

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Obviously, there’s a risk in picking partners this way. Writing a great dating profile doesn’t make me a good boyfriend in the same way as writing a great proposal doesn’t make a great service provider.

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