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If you are done with the final manuscript of the book and are ready to publish it, you need to look for a reliable online publishing portal that has a large number of members. Some of the best options that you can rely on include the likes of Amazon’s CreateSpace and Lulu. These online publishing services can help secure an ISBN for your book and lay the foundation for you to publicize it in the best manner possible. So now, if somebody comes up to you and says that you have to go through a David vs. Goliath situation to write a book online, you know exactly how to reply! Which site are you considering to write a book online? Please share in the comment section below.

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Any form of writing, whether it is a novel, an eBook or a piece of non-fiction work, is not any easy task if you are very much particular about getting the end result spot on. If you take a look back in history, plenty of time and effort were invested towards planning, organizing and researching some of the best-selling books that went on to sell millions of copies. So if you are a budding writer who is all set to write a book online and explode onto the global platform, you should consider arming yourself with the essential and creative resources that can help make your job all the more easy.

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Nowadays, the majority of up and coming writers prefer to publish their work online as it gives them better visibility in terms of the number of potential readers who can be reached. Hence, the traditional route of submitting your completed manuscript to multiple book publishers and waiting for several months to hear a reply from them is beginning to lose its steam among modern day writers. When you have made up your mind to write a book online, you can make use of the following free as well as paid resources to reduce your writing burden.

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