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Each paragraph should logically flow into the next paragraph, and each paragraph should be directly related to the problem that you are addressing (aka your key variables). When writing these sections, use academic language, but weave the lines of reasoning together, just as you would to tell a story. Furthermore, when writing Chapters 1 and 2, make sure that readers have all of the necessary background information before introducing a new concept. When telling a story, you would not talk about what happened to a character before you describe the character first. In the same fashion, do not start talking about how self esteem is related to academic achievement before explaining what self esteem is.

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If you are interested in writing chapter books, the best advice is to:

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Be sure to get feedback from your advisor and committee members throughout the process of conducting your research and writing your thesis or dissertation. Do not wait until you have spent months or years collecting and analyzing your data, and writing chapters. Your success will ultimately depend on their approval.

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The Dissertation Boot Camp is designed for post-A Exam students who have an approved dissertation proposal, who have completed their dissertation research, and who are writing chapters of their dissertation.

When writing both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, keep the following advice from APA in mind.
If you want to write chapter books, then go to the book store and read lots of them. Try to shoot for 100 chapter books. Make sure you start with the award winning books. Note, what you like and dislike with each book. Many chapter books, end up becoming a series, using the same characters, but not all publishers publish chapter books, so also check to see who published the books you like. I’m a retired newspaper/magazine writer and photographer who has also spent many summers entertaining children with a magic/puppet/storytelling show on the West Coast county fair circuit. Years ago some of my kid’s stories were published in My Weekly Reader and other magazines. When I started writing my chapter book, The Maccabee Kids, 10 years ago, I didn’t really know what age I was writing for. I just had a story to tell and started crafting the words. They just poured out. Now I volunteer at a local community center’s after-school program, and realize that the youngsters who gravitate toward my type of story are generally 7-9 years old – the age group you mention in this article. As I read your words, I visualized my group of Portland, Oregon, readers, getting excited over my adventure story. So, now I’m engaged in a steep learning curve to self publish the book. Thanks for clarifying the age question. Hopefully, you will soon see a blog, Facebook page and possibly a website devoted to my book. Keep your bits of information coming. This 71-year-old Maccabee Kid is hungry for more.
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If you have ever wanted to write a chapter book, you may have found it difficult to get started. Just remember that getting started is always the hardest part. These steps will give you tips for not just starting, but completing, your very own chapter book.

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•Writing first drafts of chapters What has gone on in the months before you complete your full first draft? You should be meeting with your first and second (and possibly third) readers regularly, giving them chapters or at least updating them on your progress. They will give you comments at this stage as well. A typical dissertation contains six to eight chapters. If you are aiming to have a full first draft by the beginning of November (see above), and if we assume that you will spend a month on each chapter, including writing it, giving it to a reader and getting back comments, then incorporating the changes, you can see that you must start writing chapters back in June, almost a year before commencement, at the very latest.

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