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That's it. While the shader discussed here isn't a particularlycomplex one, I hope it will be a benefit to you if you're gettingstarted writing ps 2.0 shaders.

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Those are the main problems I am having now and there is very little (if no) documentation on the interwebs about writing PS xml configuration files and the possible PCW parameters that can be configured and their names, etc.

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All of these added features make it worthwhile to learn about ps 2.0,but because it is still on the leading edge of pixel shaderprogramming, there aren't many examples or tutorials describing how towrite a ps 2.0 shader. As far as I know, there are currently noexamples of using ps 2.0 in a program in the DirectX 9 SDKdocumentation. I'm confident that Microsoft will produce examples anddocumentation for using ps 2.0, but in the meantime, here's a smallexample to get you started. This tutorial discusses a simple pixelshader that just performs a texture lookup. It is intended as a basefor you to write your own, more impressive shaders.

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PS-Act = 0h for any of these widgets, writing PS-Set = 3h still results in PS-Act = 0h

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