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“Writing Research Essays in a North American Academic Institutions--a guide for international students,” by William Badke. This is a preview chapter from Badke’s print-only book: Beyond the Answer Sheet: Academic Success for International Students.

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1. You should choose an interesting topic. It will facilitate the process of the writing of your research essay as well as make the process more productive and fascinating.
2. Do research on the topic.
3. Design and write the research essay.

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The research essay is one of the most popular writing assignments in colleges and universities. There are several indispensable elements that should be taken into account before you start writing the research essay.

After all, they're not really writing research essays, but merely “research” essays at best
This activity makes outlining less arbitrary and more fruitful for students writing research essays

Academic and Professional Writing: Writing a Research Paper

Description: The purpose of this exercise is to examine structure as it works in conjunction with an essay’s controlling idea (thesis statement). Most students forget (or are told to forget) the five-paragraph essay form. But as a result, students are not sure what to think about structure. If they receive any instruction about structure in ENC 1101, it is most likely in the context of personal writing, more creative writing. This exercise provides a way to examine the practical, almost natural, way in which structure can be teased out of one sentence, a statement of an essay’s controlling idea. This activity makes outlining less arbitrary and more fruitful for students writing research essays.

3. Research Reports: A Guide for Middle and High School Students, Sullivan and. Sernoff. B. For Students. 1. Writing research essays, (6th and 7th grade), pg.

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Take care in selecting your thesis