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Once that has all been worked out, you’re ready to actually start writing up a proposal. First, a preliminary proposal must be submitted and approved by NSF before the final proposal can be submitted. This I did on June 25, and of the 610 submissions, about 40% (approximately 240) were approved for final submission. Next, you must follow what the solicitation asks for in particular and what the General Proposal Guidelines say in general. This proposal needs an electronic cover sheet, a one-page project summary, a 15 page narrative description with bibliography, biographical sketches of the principle personnel, and a detailed budget with justification. In the past I tried to cut and paste text from a Word document; this time I converted all my files to .pdfs and merely linked them in, which was much easier. I also included diagrams and tables for the first time. Here is a diagram I created this week showing the relationships between quality and quantity of videos created as one moves from professional broadcast video to podcasting.

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That process involves designing a study, writing up a proposal, securing approval from the Committee on Human Research, obtaining and analyzing results and presenting them at conferences or through publication in scientific journals. “All of this process is the real opportunity,” Rosen says. “To just collect some of the data from somebody else’s project is not enough.”

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Don’t assume that you always need a grant. Your skills in writing up a proposal for a program and its budget can be used in house as well. In larger libraries often times youth services librarians write up their proposals for programming, and send them to another department where another employee looks through the line items for that year or the next and applies already budgeted monies to your new program idea. It is always possible as well that your board will fund it for the following year if it can wait.

Now it is time for the next step – writing up a proposal for this potential project
Should I begin by writing up a proposal, detailing my purpose for reducing my hours, and assuring my manager that my department will still be able to get the work done? This would allow my manager to ponder it before I confront him. Or should I outline what I am after and simply speak with him? Please advise me on the most professional way to go about getting what I want...two extra hours per day. Shouldn’t you ask the client for a request for proposal so you know exactly what the client is looking for in the design before you write up a proposal?If you have been following this series so far, you will have already had a and you already asked them about their project. By now, you should have a fairly good sense of what will need to be done to complete this project and you already feel that you and this client would work well together. Now it is time for the next step – writing up a proposal for this potential project. Let’s get started!Boyajian is now working with Wright and Andrew Siemion, the Director of the SETI Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley. The three of them are writing up a proposal. They want to point a massive radio dish at the unusual star, to see if it emits radio waves at frequencies associated with technological activity.
Once that has all been worked out, you're ready to actually start writing up a proposal

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Having recently completed the process of editing a collection of papers, I thought I might share my experiences with those who may be planning to do so or are already working on a book. I get frequently asked about this process and it seems the whole ordeal of gathering contributors, writing up a proposal, approaching potential publishers, and getting a contract for an edited book are mysterious for many early career philosophers -- they certainly were to me!

Your skills in writing up a proposal for a program and its budget can be used in house as well

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Now that the school year is winding down for many of us, it's a good time to consider writing up a proposal to offer a workshop at this year's NW Teaching for Social Justice conference -- which will be held Saturday, October 18th, at Madison High School in Portland. Check out the website, , and click on "Workshop Proposal Application" in the upper left. Proposals will be accepted until July 1st.

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Ringi is the formal approval process that is related to nemawashi. Nemawashi is preparing the soil to plant the tree. Ringi is a formal process of writing up a proposal–could be an A3–and bringing it from person to person to get their feedback and ultimately approval. Sometimes the formal Ringi process is used and sometimes not, but nemawashi still means the person leading the effort meets with the people effected and management prior to actually formally presenting the proposal. There is usually one individual responsible who is ushering the proposal through and modifying it based on feedback. The reason it is usually an individual is because “one person should be accountable or nobody is accountable.” The goal is both to get many different eyes on the problem, and so that when you get to the formal approval stage there is buyin and the meeting itself is a rubber stamp. A large meeting is not a great place to have a deep discussion about issues that involved integrating complex data analysis.