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Qualitative Research in Higher Education [RM]

This course is designed for students who are planning, collecting data, analyzing or writing up thesis or other qualitative research. Classes will involve reading about the theoretical paradigms (e.g. interactionist, phenomenological, critical feminist, postcolonial/emancipatory) and research methodologies and types of analysis and interpretations being used by students (e.g. participant observation, thematic analysis, focus groups, individual interviews, ethnography, autoethnography, grounded theory, critical ethnography, participatory action research, life histories/narratives, institutional ethnography, textual analysis, policy or program analysis). Selected ethical issues that are often encountered in the process of doing research will also be covered. Special attention will be paid to analysis and interpretation of the data, with students presenting their changing views of their chosen topic at each session for feedback and referral to relevant literature.

Currently writing up thesis on Vergil and fictionality as a.

Either submit the thesis (to be followed by viva)Or enter CRS (and complete writing up thesis)

Having a specific plan for writing up thesis

Even my studies where more relaxed, I started writing up thesis almost immediately after I got here, bombarding my supervisor with questions and drafts, until he called me to his office just to make sure I was OK, and get me to slow down and take my time. This doesn’t make everyone lazy, far from it, but rather that quality is put ahead of quantity. This is a stark contrast to the universities in the UK, where quality demands would be high, deadlines short, and guild lines strictly enforced with the threat of total course failure. This is of course meant late nights, long days, no social life, and copious amounts of tea.

October-November: Start writing up thesis

Writing up thesis, dissertation, report, or paper: This is the final outcome of the study. The study completion may end up as a bound thesis or dissertation, or submitting the paper for publication in a peer reviewed journal. The findings can also be presented at any scientific conference.

Writing up thesis (7 months)
Writing up thesis, dissertation, report, or paper: This is the final outcome of the study

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also encouraged and guide me through the writing up thesis process by giving his best effort

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Rachel Murphy@rachelmurphy · @Acwri writing up thesis, a presentation & book review #acwri.

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