Here are some helpful guidelines for writing a personal statement:

The goal of your single page personal statement is to present yourself as a unique candidate and summarize your reasons for selecting a particular specialty. It should reveal your motivation and describe the strengths and accomplishments that predict your future success. A well written personal statement illustrates an ability to reason and to communicate effectively.

Tothis end, here are some pointers on writing personalstatements.

Although you only have 47 lines in which to write your personal statement, there are still .

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Writing a personal statement isn't that hard, although you can be too close to the memory to write about it accurately. Part of a good personal statement is the uniqueness of your bias, but sometimes you need more help. If you've ever wished you could have an example to follow, something to format your personal statement by, then keep reading. Getting an example online can be worth it if you can find a good one.

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After those tips, if you still haven't found a good example, you might just want to pay someone to write the personal statement for you. Good writing services will be fast at getting it done, and have low prices for an excellent assignment. Use much the same criteria as above when looking for a writer online: good at writing, no plagiarism, the right price, and very good quality of work. Also, you should make sure there are free revisions in case you don't like the finished personal statement.

This signed video takes you through what to consider when writing your personal statement.
Often when writing personal statements, students fall into the habit of telling and not showing in an effort to squeeze in all their accomplishments, resume-style. They resort to lists:
My desire to work with people is demonstrated by my many interactions as a volunteer. In 1997 I aided elderly and blind residents at the Homewood Retirement Community read their mail and write letters. The following summer, I served food at the local homeless shelter. As secretary of my high school chapter of SADD, I arranged for speakers at several community and school fundraisers. In addition to my volunteer activities, I've held a job since I was twelve. I worked on my uncles farm until I started ninth grade, at which time I was able to get a position as dish washer at a family restaurant. When I got my driver's license, I took a cashier's job at the gift store at Mercy Hospital in Altoona.Generally, personal statements are quite specific so if you decide to change the course you are applying for you would need to rewrite your personal statement.
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A well-written personal statement incorporates many different elements. A great law school personal statement has a strong introduction and a strong conclusion. A great law school personal statement uses the active voice and the first person “I.” It is also creative, using metaphors and analogies. And, finally, a well written law school personal statement is clear and to the point. Every sentence flows and advances a purpose.

Ann simplifies writing your personal statement for college applications in four easy steps.

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Writing a personal statement may sound daunting, and getting started is the hardest part. Where do you even begin? PREPs recommends starting by getting out a sheet of paper and answering the following questions:

This handout provides information about writing personal statements for academic and other positions.

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