The written research report consists of three parts:

d) Writing a Research Report: Each team produces an initiation of coverage report on the publicly traded Swiss company. The report is reviewed and scored by a group of judges at the end of the semester.

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In addition to the written research report, teams are also responsible for developing a financial model for their company. Teams meet with the financial modeling professor (5 to 6 meetings approximately 2 hours each) to build out and complete a fully functioning Pro-Forma financial model including a revenue model for the company. During the meetings, teams get hands on experience in working with Excel, Bloomberg, ThompsonOne, Reuters, along with many other business applications. Teams learn to collaborate during the meeting as each team member is responsible for leading a meeting and discussing the model progress and any challenges faced.

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- written research report: 60% of final grade;
- practical performance: 30% of final grade;
- oral presentation of research report: 10% of final grade;
- active participation in mandatory activities (practicals, presentations).
Note: in principle, grades will be assigned per group. However, if necessary, the expert may decide to grade (some of) the group members individually. All grades will be based on a pre-defined rubric.

1. A written research report, containing the research question and process, and the oral assessment thereof
The results of marketing research must be effectively communicated to management. Presenting the results of a marketing research study to management generally involves a formal written report as well as an oral presentation. The report and presentation are extremely important. First, because the results of marketing research are often intangible (after the study has been completed and a decision is made there is very little physical evidence of the resources, such as time and effort, that went into the project), the written report is usually the only documentation of the project. Second, the written report and the oral presentation are typically the only aspect of the study that marketing executives are exposed to, and consequently the overall evaluation of the research project rests on how well this information is communicated. Third, since the written research report and oral presentation are typically the responsibility of the marketing research supplier, the communication effectiveness and usefulness of the information provided plays a crucial role in determining whether that particular supplier will be used in the future.So why are you writing this research report? The practical answer is “Because the teacher assigned it,” but that’s classroom thinking. Generally speaking, people investigating some scientific hypothesis have a responsibility to the rest of the scientific world to report their findings, particularly if these findings add to or contradict previous ideas. The people reading such reports have two primary goals:
Students choose either to complete a comprehensive examination and in-depth written research report, or a master’s thesis.

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SUMMER 2016: Students who have successfully completed the spring course continue into the summer research portion of the program. You’ll be registered for 3 units (GRAD 492: Directed Research) and work with a UA faculty mentor on a small scale research project in your field of study. You will also be registered for 3 units (English 340: Technical and Professional Writing) and work with STAR faculty on completing your written research report, research poster, and oral presentation. Students are paid a $4,000 summer research stipend and your summer tuition (6 units total) and registration fees are waived. You’ll also complete GRE preparation and testing, attend workshops on funding for Graduate School, practice and polish your public speaking skills, and have your abstract published in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium’s (UROC) Abstract Review. For the summer, a full-time commitment to all activities is expected of all STAR Scholars (No exceptions).

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How do you go about custom-writing the research report? A pragmatic advice is now in order. First, ensure that you have only the accurate observations and the most objective intentions to document them. Then make your writing task easy and systematic by having a ready format. What format can you use? The rest of this note is devoted to answering this question in practical detail.

the poorly-written research report that the study had been conducted by a low-level staff member

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1 Explore the importance of the written research report 2 Describe the organization of the four sections of the written report 3 Explain how to write a professional research report 4 Discuss how best to communicate information during an oral presentation Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota all have a new way of researching consumers’ attitudes and preferences: they are researching blogs. Ford is using BrandIntel, a research company located in Toronto, to track what consumers are saying about Ford's styling and performance plus their overall impressions of the company. To obtain this information BrandIntel monitors daily conversation in blogs and discussion groups, looking for comments on over 200 product attributes. Chrysler also uses the services of online marketing research firms. However, Chrysler focuses on monitoring the views of influential auto enthusiasts. They use this information or early ‘buzz’ about their autos to design their ad campaigns. Meanwhile Toyota uses a company ...